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Latest customer reviews

“The Charity Challenge African Bush Trek has been one of the best charity treks I have done with the bank, it was so much more than a physical challenge, we were immersed in African culture and the Massai way of life. The visit was so relevant to the cause we have been raising funds for and really highlighted the importance of those funds in the fight against malaria. I will never forget Tanzania and the team from Charity Challenge who welcomed us.”

Mark Tisi, Director at Deutsche Bank

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"This year Santander took 40 employees to South Africa to build a school in a remote rural Zulu community, whilst also supporting the NSPCC (our Charity of the Year partner) in the UK through our fundraising. The wellbeing of our staff is incredibly important to us, and so choosing the right company to organise and manage the event was crucial. Charity Challenge delivered an exceptional challenge from start to finish with professionalism, attention to detail in all of the right places, and with enthusiasm and confidence. The challenge has engaged and motivated our staff, and there was a real sense of achievement at the end of the build."

April Armstrong, Charity Manager, Santander UK PLC

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"Charity Challenge helped me and 200 other people from my organisation (Barclays UK Retail bank) achieve our ambition of giving a little bit back by challenging ourselves in a way we never imagined. Taking yourself out of your daily grind for 10 days to concentrate on something much more than emails, has the effect of pressing your reset button in a way you never realise until you have done it. It has energised our employees and it has made me a better person and a better manager all round."

Dave Shepherd, Head of Frontline Help, Barclays UK Retail Bank

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"The Rajasthan cycle  was my fifth adventure with Charity Challenge and I would rate it number two in enjoyability (my all-time favourite was the Inca Trail). As on my past challenges, I felt very safe and well looked after. The food on this trip was particularly good and the quality and quantity of snacks at every stop was exceptional too. I couldn't fault our guides and support crew - who were helpful, cheerful, encouraging and clearly knew their jobs. I think it helped that we were a small group so there was a quick bonding between us all. The overnight accommodation was better than I had expected – it was great to know that we could look forward to a proper bed and a hot (in most cases) shower too. I'm certainly looking forward to my next adventure, which will probably be the new Burma cycle challenge next year."

Jacqui Thake, Rajasthan Cycle Challenge

Jacqui Thake,

TODO Kili trip

"I love charity challenge and all that you do! Trek 4 is booked and I suspect trek 5 will be booked soon after. I have always wanted to travel and never found a safe way to do so on my own as I have no friends or family that want to join me. You give me the opportunity to really get under the surface of a country and a culture in a safe way whilst still being challenged and I get to meet new people and make new friends! Amazing amazing!!"

Jo Berridge, Cuban Mountain Trek

Jo Berridge,

TODO Kili trip

“After many years of running typical corporate hospitality for our client base and supply chain whilst visiting various sporting events and our factories and manufacturing plants in Scotland and the far East, Mitsubishi Electric decided to take a new approach to teambuilding and networking, and launched a series of charity challenge events to Peru, Vietnam, Cambodia and now India.

We engaged our clients to join us on this incredible journey rather than a traditional Corporate Hospitality event. By participating they bought in to our vision of doing something physically demanding yet totally fulfilling. This entailed not only considerable fitness training, but raising vital funds for a worthwhile cause.

Having completed three of the challenges myself, I can honestly say we have never engaged our client base and supply chain in a more beneficial and positive way. The results are incredible. We have raised around £150,000 for Save the Children and we are aiming to set the bar higher and raise another £100,000 on our up and coming challenge to India. To have raise around £250,000 for such a worthy cause is something that all of us that have been involved with are incredible proud of.

As a result of this, we have developed much stronger ties from a business perspective to those clients who have participated in these challenges and we can see the commercial benefits to our on-going business.

I would wholeheartedly encourage any business to consider the benefits of such challenges for their own company.”

JOHN NOCK , General Manager, Commercial Heating Systems Mitsubishi Electric, Living Environmental Systems Division

TODO Kili trip

“What an experience! It was truly magical and unforgettable, from beginning to end. Cycling gave us the chance to see the real India: the more we saw it, the more we wanted to see.”

Lydia Bright, Star of The Only Way is Essex - The Rajasthan Tiger Challenge

Lydia Rose Bright, Start of The Only Way is Essex

TODO Kili trip

"The Charity Challenge experience is flawless from start to finish. The team and leaders became like family, and you can have the time of your life while raising thousands of pounds for charity."

Laura Felstead, Great Wall Discovery

Laura Felstead, Participent

TODO Kili trip

"Having returned from Kilimanjaro earlier this week, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you both sincerely for your part in what turned out to be an incredible trip.

Right from the first moment I met Simon I had the strongest sense that your organisation skills and experience would ensure a successful trek, and I wasn't wrong.  I appreciate enormously all the work you and your team put in to arrange the key aspects, answer our queries and keep us informed, and in particular for involving Brian Jackson who was truly outstanding as Trek Leader. The end result is that - despite appauling weather conditions -
we had an excellent trek and all 18 of us reached the summit.

Many, many thanks for your part in our successful expedition."

Dan Salmons, Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Dan Salmons, Kilimanjaro Summit Climb,

TODO Kili trip

“Charity Challenge delivered an excellent employee engagement challenge for Santander – our corporate supporters, and enabled us to raise over £150,000 whilst also supporting a rural Zulu community in South Africa, building a new school. Their team were professional, knowledgeable and supportive and covered everything in detail from risk assessments to daily briefings, ensuring there was more than enough work for every volunteer to keep busy and productive. It was an amazing experience and will stay with all of us for some time to come!”

NSPCC, Adele Churchill,Fundraising Manager, NSPCC Corporate Partnerships

TODO Kili trip

“When it came to choosing the right challenge organisation to work with, it was VITAL for The Body Shop Foundation to find a highly professional, experienced group to work with.  Challenge Charity is exactly that.

From the minute we started;  the advice, help and support given at every step has been exceptional.  And its the little things that count – the level of attention with the website for members, the updates and emails from group leaders and doctors to reassure our trekkers.  All these small but vital drops of encouragement, helped, aided and reassured all those fundraising like mad to complete the trek, all for WaterAid.

Special praise must be given to the team on the trek itself who went out of their way to make the trek as smooth as possible so our trekkers could focus on the challenge itself.  We simply can’t thank everyone at Charity Challenge enough for their part in making our event such a success.  We simply can not wait for the next one; here's to the next incredible adventure for The Body Shop Foundation and Charity Challenge!"

Lisa Jackson, Chief Executive, The Body Shop Foundation

Lisa Jackson, Chief Executive, The Body Shop Foundation

TODO Kili trip

Working with Charity Challenge in Canada has been great.  The workshop about using their back-end system made everything so much easier and we were able to get our page ready to go live quickly.  The resources available, the website and the support from the charity challenge team has been fantastic and they have helped every step of the way in this process. 

Lindsay Seeger, Community Engagement Specialist at UNICEF Canada

Lindsay Seeger, Community Engagement Specialist

TODO Kili trip

"I cannot thank you or your company enough my Kilimanjaro Trek was unbelievably amazing (whilst also being horrific at the same time if you are talking specifically about summit night).  I signed up for Kili with you guys about 18 months ago because I needed to get out of a very dark place in my life.  At the time I held the trek as a stepping stone to being able to achieve something by myself, I believed then that if I could climb the mountain I could cope with anything, and it really was about the climb, but the truth is the entire experience has given me 100 times more than I ever expected." Click here to read the full testimonial.

Ali Hutchison - Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Ali Hutchison - Kilimanjaro,

TODO Kili trip

"Skiing to the North Pole was a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to Charity Challenge for running such a slick and professional trip. I would not recommend anyone else, their guide Alan Chambers is one of the most respected polar guides in the world and to have stood on top of the world with him is an honour that only Charity Challenge can offer."

Bonita Norris, North Pole Challenge

Bonita Norris,

TODO Kili trip

"Charity Challenge is the only company I would have wanted to do this trek with. They were competent, attentive, helpful, entertaining and professional. They made the challenge a really amazing experience!"

Janine Lewis, Trek to Machu Picchu

Janine Lewis - Machu Picchu,

TODO Kili trip

"It’s the day after the week before and jet lag has set in! To say that my friend Bekki and I were excited about the trip would have been a massive under statement and now having just returned our excitement still remains with us. Of course the reason behind this trip was to raise money for our chosen charity but what we got out of it was so so much more..."

Read the full testimonial here!

Wendy Mould - Great Wall Discovery!

Wendy Mould,

TODO Kili trip

"If you ever dreamt of what it might be like to walk amongst the world’s tallest mountains, make it reality and book the Everest Trek through Charity Challenge"

Matt Holdsworth, Everest Base Camp

Matt Holdsworth, Everest Base Camp Challenger

TODO Kili trip

Thank you Charity Challenge for everything, from pre trip to looking after us whilst we were there. I had such a brilliant and life changing time. I can honestly say that this experience has changed me for the better. I am so much more positive and I believe in myself!I am recommending Charity Challenge to everyone and I will be taking part in a challenge in the near future!

Simone Rogers, Great Wall Discovery

Simone Rogers,

TODO Kili trip

"I hope that you are not bored with us telling you what a wonderful time we had but now it's my turn! I can only add that for me it was one of the best trips I have ever done, if not the best. From start to finish I would not change a thing, it was challenging, educational & great fun. We were so well cared for by Kent & Jordana, they worked very hard to get everything right & took their role very seriously whilst still making it fun. Graham was a star, he has a talent of being able to deal with people, and he was always attentive, caring, responsible & knowledgeable."

Jo Collins, Dog Sledding Challenge

Jo Collins,

TODO Kili trip

"The Thailand Jungle Trek has something for everyone. We left with many stories of the adventure and great memories. I would desperately recommend this challenge to anyone!"

Emma Reddington, Thailand Jungle Experience

Emma Reddington, Thailand Jungle Experience,

TODO Kili trip

"Forget climbing Kilimanjaro and book this trek instead! An amazing experience, giving a real insight into the Maasai, their way of life and landscape. Trekking in a small group across vast open spaces, passing no other tourists, just animals, in stunning scenery. Incredible memories. Take me back there now!"

Wendy Lampert, Footsteps of the Maasai

Wendy Lampert,

TODO Kili trip

I think once we get this program up and running off it’s feet, our partnership with Charity Challenge will be truly valuable. Because of this partnership, Second Harvest will be able to offer experiences of a lifetime all in support of our organization. Since this is a new concept in our community, I believe the response will be well received.

The support you receive from the organizers at Charity Challenge is outstanding. Simon and his team are quick to respond and always willing to go the extra mile to help your charity. They are interested in knowing more about you so that they are able to accommodate your needs and guide you every step of the way. Having this support truly gives the charity a better direction on how to work with your donors and promote this fabulous opportunity.

Attending the seminars are very valuable as Simon and his team are very thorough and explain all the finer details that your charity needs to know. Since Charity Challenge offers you so much guidance, support and materials that you can use at your disposal, it is very beneficial that your charity knows how to work through the website and understand the concept of it all from start to finish. The team will also walk you through important questions  regarding tax receipting, laws, contracts, etc. that are vital to know.

Jennifer Chow, Community Events Coordinator at Second Harvest Canada

Jennifer Chow, Community Events Coordinator

TODO Kili trip

“We had the best time in Peru. From the moment we were greeted at the airport we were so well looked after.  Everything from the tents, the food and the kit was brilliant.  We would definitely encourage anybody to sign up for one of Breast Cancer Care’s treks which are organised by Charity Challenge.  You will be safe in the knowledge that every aspect of your trip will be organised with immense care and precision.”

Denise Van Outen and Fearne Cotton, Machu Picchu 


Denise and Fearne,

TODO Kili trip

"I have slept and slept since arriving home and am a complete emotional wreck. I had a brilliant, brilliant time. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I thought that everything was so well organised . What a task you had, to organise 11 hyperactive women, the Breast Cancer Care team, a camera crew and a number of other team members!! You did a great  job of coping with everything each day --not an easy task. I was very impressed. Despite the early mornings, the cold and the altitude sickness, I felt well looked after and had a truly amazing time. I have very happy memories of Peru. Thank You."

Gaynor Sinton,
VIP on Trek to Machu Picchu with Denise and Feane

Gaynor Sinton,

TODO Kili trip

"Just wanted to say a huge thanks: to you, and all your team for making the trip so enjoyable. The food was delicious, the trek itself was something I will cherish forever- and everyone, the guides, George, Mark etc were a pleasure to meet. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of such an inspiring adventure- it has helped me cross a milestone: my one year survival mark, in a way that I could never have imagined possible a year ago in August when I was diagnosed with breast cancer."

Annabel Reynaud, VIP on Trek to Machu Picchu with Denise and Feane

Annabel Reynaud,

TODO Kili trip

“Charity Challenge organised a fantastic bespoke trek for us to Peru.  Their attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile really sets them apart from their competitors.  No stone is left unturned in the planning and their team on the ground in Peru were just as brilliant.  We would recommend them to anyone considering taking part in a trek.”

Breast Cancer Care, Fundraising Team ,

TODO Kili trip

“I recently travelled to Haiti with a GMTV camera crew, six months after the earthquake that devastated the island. It was clear from the minute we landed in Port au Prince that the conditions in country were still incredibly tough going, but Charity Challenge handled the logistics with professionalism, flexibility and a great deal of enthusiasm. Our plans changed daily but Charity Challenge and their team on the ground managed our needs and requirements with good humour and attention to detail. It was clear that a lot of hard work had gone into the preparation of the challenge, which went a long way towards ensuring the trip was a big success.”

Dr Hilary Jones, Haiti Community Challenge

Dr Hilary Jones,

TODO Kili trip

“Charity Challenge exceeded all my expectations. The quality of the staff, levels of organisation, accommodation & catering were outstanding. I have had an incredible experience, met some fantastic people & made some wonderful memories.”

Linden Thomas, Sahara Desert Trek

Linden Thomas,

TODO Kili trip

"The Etna Volcanic Adventure was the most incredible five days of my life. As someone who was completely new to trekking (and indeed hill walking/outdoor life of any kind!), it gave me the perfect introduction and has left me wanting to do and see more. The whole experience from start to finish exceeded all my expectations. Our two guides were supportive, informative and hugely entertaining – we felt safe in their hands at all times. The trekking days were varied and covered different terrain, and thanks to our very knowledgeable guides and a volcanologist on summit day, we had the chance to learn about Mount Etna every step of the way. It was quite simply, awesome! The only question on my lips now is … what’s next???"

Helen MacKinnon, Etna Volcanic Adventure

Helen MacKinnon,

TODO Kili trip

"What a magical experience! I would definitely do it again and pray that I went with such a great bunch of people. Everyone brought something special to the group, all our different ages, shapes and sizes.  I can still hear the laughter and see those wonderful views."

Desiree Hart, Great Wall Discovery

Desiree Hart,

TODO Kili trip

"A big thank you to all at Charity Challenge, from the moment I booked this trip up til the day I got home it was so well organised. Information on your website was spot on and I only had to call to check about my hairdryer!!,which everyone borrowed!! Items that i hired were in excellent condition and distributed well."

Louise Bucknell, Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Louise Bucknell,

TODO Kili trip

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you and Charity Challenge for such a fantastic experience on The Great Wall of china expedition in May. After the cancelled trip in April due to the ash cloud I must admit some of the initial enthusiasm have gone – but I needn’t have worried, it was the trip of a lifetime. Brilliant organisation by yourselves and wonderful accommodation and food.
It was everything I hoped for and more.

I cannot thank you enough and hopefully I will be back – when I’ve recovered! You are to be and will be, recommended."

Alison Fitzpatrick, Great Wall Discovery

Alison Fitzpatrick,

TODO Kili trip

"This is the first chance I have had since I came back from Cuba to thank you and all at Charity Challenge for what was one memorial trek. The guides (Alec & Asael) and doctor (Javier) in Cuba were wonderful people who looked after all of us as if we were family. I truly cannot praise them enough. The hotels we stayed in were 1st class and even when we camped out the accommodation war superb. I would recommend this trek to anyone I might actually do it myself again! I have been to Sinai, Peru and Borneo on treks but I found this one the most enlightening."

Margaret Burns, Escambray Encounter

Margaret Burns,

TODO Kili trip

"I have just returned from the Great Wall of China trek which I won in your capture your challenge photo competition with my picture from my 2008 Stok Kangri summit challenge.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this most wonderful prize which by far exceeded all expectations I had.
The trek was made complete by the great and varied group of people which accompanied me. The staff both English and Chinese were equally professional and helpful as well as being good humored and encouraging.
Your company has had a most profound effect on my life since signing up to my first challenge, giving me direction and drive which I had long since lost."

Peter Henley, Great Wall Discovery

Peter Henley,

TODO Kili trip

"I wanted to personally write to you and provide feedback on the Rajasthan Tiger challenge I took part in Feb 2010. This challenge was possibly the best and most humbling challenege I have ever taken part in, I loved every second of it but just wished it was longer then 10 days.

The challenge leader Sian Everingham was FANTASTIC, she looked after us unbelievably well.

The challenge was pretty tough at times but Sian made it so enjoyable for us even during the tougher times.

I would also like to say how fabulous all of her team were, the guides were fantastic and we have all kept in touch since. On other challenges I have been on (not with you) the guides have always kept themselves a little removed from the group, this was not the case on Sian's tour and we all felt like everybody was part of one team.
I can say this challenge has made me want to explore the whole of India on a bike and I just hope this dream can come true.
A personal thank you to Charity Challenges as well for being so helpful and informative through booking and leading up to the tour".

Eve McIlvaney, Rajasthan Tiger Challenge

Eve McIlvaney,

TODO Kili trip

“Charity Challenge organised and led the whole Kilimanjaro climb with great professionalism and made the almost impossible, totally achievable.”

Gary Barlow, Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Gary Barlow,

TODO Kili trip

“We definitely couldn’t have made the climb without Charity Challenge and we’ve been well taken care of and without these guys it wouldn’t have been possible. A big thank you and it’s been an amazing journey.”

Cheryl Cole, Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Cheryl Cole,

TODO Kili trip

“The organization and overall friendliness from the team was outstanding and made it a great challenge.”

Gavin Bisdee, London to Paris Bike Ride

Gavin Bisdee,

TODO Kili trip

THANK YOU! What a fantastic experience!  I have to say that the whole event was run so professionally with everything running like clockwork.

Linda Trew, Thailand Jungle Experience

Linda Trew,

TODO Kili trip

"I just want to say what the Iceland challenge did for me as a person, I really want to thank you all for that. I have the medal and certificate on my wall and when I think I cannot do something I look at it and see that I can."

Theresa Moorin, Icelandic Lava Trek

Theresa Moorin,

TODO Kili trip

"My trips to India and Peru now rank as two of the best holidays of my life. Both were incredibly well planned, with real generosity, thoughtfulness, professionalism and style shown on the part of both yourselves and the ground handlers."

Jess Thompson, Andes to Amazon Bike Ride

Jess Thompson,

TODO Kili trip

"have just come back from my trek in China and it was amazing. Can't wait to book my next one!!!"

Kelly Kellaway, Great Wall Discovery

Kelly Kellaway,

TODO Kili trip

"I just got back from completing the London- Paris bike ride last weekend which was fabulous.  It far exceeded my expectations.  It was very well organized and the team were fantastic."

Michaela Fogden, London to Paris Bike Ride

Michaela Fogden,

TODO Kili trip

"I had an amazing time in Mongolia.  Its a beautiful country with lovely people and horses, and, though the trip was quite challenging as expected, I enjoyed every minute."

Hannah Barnes, Mongolian Horse Ride

Hannah Barnes,

TODO Kili trip

"Now we are back to reality I feel I have to write and thank Charity Challenge for our excellent trek on the Great Wall of China and the extension to see the Terracotta Warriors. The organisation cannot be faulted, and the trek ran like clockwork throughout. Our accommodation was really good and the food was amazing. Our Chinese guides were really knowledgeable and supportive, it was brilliant and I will remember my time in China with very fond memories."

Julia Hollimould, Great Wall Discovery

Julia Hollimould,

TODO Kili trip

"The view each day as I opened my tent and saw the Himalaya's will stay with me for ever, truly amazing!"

Colin Orbell, Everest Base Camp

Colin Orbell ,

TODO Kili trip

"The most exciting way to see a country! The people I met, the challenges I faced and the things I saw made this an all round amazing trip."

Reena Gopal, Cuban Revolution

Reena Gopal,

TODO Kili trip

"I have recently returned from the Make-A-Wish Thailand trip. I can honestly sum this trip up in one word AMAZING. From the start the trip was brilliantly executed from the moment we arrived at the airport to the when we arrived at the jungle"

Chantal Panto, Thailand Jungle Expedition

Chantal Panto,

TODO Kili trip

Amount Raised on Charity Challenge Expeditions for Comic Relief: £3,326,142!

"We have worked very closely with Charity Challenge over the past year to organise the BT Red Nose Climb for Red Nose Day 2009 and have valued their expertise and experience in organising events of this kind to ensure its smooth and successful operation. They managed the incredibly complex logistics and their itinerary enabled plenty of acclimatisation resulting in 100% of the group reaching the summit. This has become one of the UK's most successful fundraising ventures, and we recognise Charity Challenge's part in helping make this such a success."

Comic Relief,

TODO Kili trip

Case Study: We are constantly approached by tour operators eager for our business but no one matches Charity Challenge for their ethical approach and charitable ethos.  They strike a harmonious balance between running a successful, thriving business and providing charities of all sizes with opportunities to raise much needed funds. The fact that they donate $20 (US) per participant to a local community project in the challenge area is the icing on the cake.   

The staff are always available, friendly and knowledgeable whether they are based in the London office or in situ on a trek.  We’ve had people trek with other tour operators but they say Charity Challenge got them nearer to experiencing life in distant communities. I have no doubt that these are the attributes that bring in repeat business both for them and us.


TODO Kili trip

“The tools available for charities on the charity challenge website are fantastic. Not only can you send out a response to an enquiry in seconds, that response email links directly to everything a future participant would want to know about the challenge. The marketing tools are a great resource; being able to produce charity branded brochure in minutes, analyse all of your previous participants in a click, and the constant offer of experience and help on offer.”

Barnardo's, Kirsty Low, Challenge Events Coordinator, Barnardo's

TODO Kili trip

Amount Raised on Charity Challenge Expeditions for Breast Cancer Campaign: £81,000

Case Study: In 2005 Breast Cancer Campaign launched an exclusive overseas challenge programme in conjunction with Charity Challenge. In October 2006 Breast Cancer Awareness Month was celebrated with over 25 trekkers taking on the Inca Trail challenge.

Breast Cancer Campaign continues to promote the wide variety of open treks which Charity Challenge has to offer. This gives all our supporters a great choice of destinations, challenge types and experiences. The working relationship we have enables us to concentrate on supporting our fundraisers to raise above and beyond their minimum sponsorship, as we can rely on Charity Challenge to look after the logistics of the trip and always be available to answer any queries we may have.


Breast Cancer Campaign, Fundraising Manager

TODO Kili trip

Amount Raised on Charity Challenge Expeditions for Breakthrough: Over £750,000

Case Study: Breakthrough Breast Cancer is the UK's leading charity committed to fighting breast cancer on three fronts; research, campaigning and education.  Sadly one in nine women in the UK will develop breast cancer at some point of their lives, with over 46,000 women diagnosed each year.  These women are our mothers, daughters, friends and loved ones.  By taking on one of these treks or challenges you will be helping raise vital funds so that we can continue to work towards our goal of a future free from the fear of breast cancer.  Breakthrough's trekking team are on hand to support you every step of the way.  We can help with fundraising ideas and guidance, provide free fundraising materials and much more!  We help to make reaching your fundraising target as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Katie Arkle, Events Executive

Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Events Executive

TODO Kili trip

Case Study: "We have enjoyed working with Charity Challenge since we launched overseas challenges to our supporters in 2001. Since then we have raised over £2 million in sposnorship for ActionAid's work through overseas challenges.
Charity Challenge worked closely with us to develop a bespoke overseas challenge portfolio tailored to our unique charity brand and experience. Together we have developed and continue to offer inclusive, engaging and life-changing experiences for the benefit of our supporters and the people we work with all over the world.
We would recommend Charity Challenge to any charity looking to work with a tour operator offering a professional service, years of experience, and good quality tour arrangements using experienced ground staff."
Maria Georgiou, Supporter Events Manager

ActionAid, Supporter Events Manager

TODO Kili trip

Case Study: Trek to Machu Picchu, April 2007

On behalf of ADDISS and the whole trekking team, I wanted to thank you and Charity Challenge for making possible such a life enhancing experience.

Before we went I had great reservations firstly about my own ability to complete the challenge and a fear of letting everyone down and secondly the fact that the trek had been changed to a different route, which was a great disappointment.

However both these fears and reservations were greatly unjustified. The two guides Juan and Mark were both absolutely amazing. They were supportive and helpful all the way and helped us to overcome so many obstacles.  The trek was indeed tough but I was determined to complete it without giving in to riding on a horse and indeed I climbed mountains – a great achievement.

The new route was breathtakingly awesome and any disappointment I had was long forgotten. We walked and climbed to a place rarely seen by the outside world.

From an organizational viewpoint the whole trip from beginning to end was very professionally managed. I was surprised at the quality of food we were given on the trek. Having trekked up a mountain for 4 or 5 hours in the freezing cold to find a small dining tent waiting for us with a hot bowl of soup and some warm food in the middle of nowhere. The crew were excellent, carrying our bags, tents and cooking equipment on horseback ahead of us.

Thank you once again for a truly memorable and life changing experience.



TODO Kili trip

“CLIC Sargent has worked with Charity Challenge for many years to organise and run both exclusive and open challenge events for our corporate teams, major donor teams, committees, community and regional fundraisers.
We have worked with Charity Challenge in the past and will continue to work with them in the future, because the service we receive from them is very professional and of a continuously high standard. They are always improving their level of service with new administrative developments, making our life and our challengers’ lives much much easier. The feedback from our challengers is consistently positive and we have a large amount of repeat business, specifically within our corporate, major donor and community teams.
Charity Challenge offer professional booking facilities, a unique members area with tons of information and support materials and we genuinely know that our clients will have their tour operation enquiries dealt with in an efficient manner. If ever we have cause to enquire about an issue or matter raised by a client, it is always dealt with efficiently and professionally and to ours and our challengers’ satisfaction. I’m confident that my challengers are in safe, experienced hands during an event with Charity Challenge and should anything go wrong or someone need medical treatment, I trust the Charity Challenge team 100% to give the best standard of care and support.
Charity Challenge understand the constraints we work within (fundraising ratios / budgets / red tape etc) and are constantly working with us to improve the way in which we operate, to help reduce costs and streamline wherever possible.
As a close partner of Charity Challenge, they also help bring speculative business to us, including recently for example a group of 100 professional women wanting to do a Sahara Desert Trek. Through their introduction, the group are now supporting CLIC Sargent and bringing awareness of how we support children and young people with cancer to a new audience within the UK.
When one of our regional fundraisers has some interest in a specific destination or type of event, Charity Challenge will speak directly to our staff and if needs be the supporters themselves, to help transform the interest into bookings. Recently, it took just a matter of days to get a group from Scotland who were interested in climbing Kilimanjaro to being able to book online through Charity Challenge on an exclusive CLIC Sargent group fully branded and marketed for this individual group’s very specific and personal needs.
They have worked with our major donors, corporate clients, and community fundraisers and we are confident that they will be handled with the same attention to detail as if we were to be dealing with them ourselves.”

CLIC - Cancer & Leukaemia In Children, Beverley Mackenzie, Challenge Events Manager, CLIC Sargent,

TODO Kili trip

"Charity Challenge expeditions provide us with a very successful and attractive fundraising tool to offer our supporters. They're a fantastic company to work with, nothing is too much trouble for them and they've given us some fantastic marketing ideas. Over the last 5 years we have raised thousands of pounds through our supporters' participation on open Charity Challenge expeditions, including treks to Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China and the Kilimanjaro challenge."

Jenna Watkins, Mass Participation Events Manager

Action for Children, Mass Participation Events Manager

TODO Kili trip

Case Study: We have worked with Charity Challenge for 10 years and have been very happy with the service we have received. More than that though we always receive excellent feedback from our supporters and this is the most important thing. Each year we aim to run a couple of exclusive challenges and the organisation of these is always excellent. In addition to this we also have a number of supporters who choose to join open challenges and it is great to have this flexibility.

One of the things we find most invaluable about Charity Challenge is the excellent support you receive from the staff. This is in addition to the fantastic website which includes an excellent range of marketing materials that make life a lot easier when it comes to promoting challenges to our supporters.

Diabetes UK really encourages a healthy and active lifestyle and this ties in very well with the events that Charity Challenge run. The range of challenges is great and it means that we can reach a wide audience because there is something to suit everyone.

Hannah Mullervy, Events Manager

Diabetes UK, Events Manager

TODO Kili trip

"Charity Challenges are an increasingly popular way of raising vital funds for Meningitis Research Foundation. We have found that working with Charity Challenge has given us the professional support and enthusiasm we needed to launch and develop our programme and offer our members and supporters exciting adventures. In the words of one of our members 'I didn't want the adventure to end’."

Sarah Campbell - Community Fundraising Officer

Meningitis Research Foundation,

TODO Kili trip

“Charity Challenge organized and led our VSO trek to the top of Kilimanjaro. The organization and execution was faultless – every aspect of the trip was anticipated and planned meticulously from the point of committing to undertaking the challenge 10 months before departure to boarding the flight home. Our trek leader, Raj Bhasin and medic, Daz Jones were consummate professionals and it was clear from the outset their prime objective was for the health, wellbeing and success of our individual and team endeavours. Everyone from Charity Challenge possessed an infectious passion for the challenge in hand and this translated to a great team atmosphere not limited to the trekkers but extending to the porters and support staff. This really was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to participate in a trek organized by Charity Challenge in the future

Managing Director, Accenture 2009,

TODO Kili trip

"The network building was the best I have seen during my 18 years at Reuters. No other challenge provides such powerful results whilst making a positive difference.” 

Sally Field, Head of Global Finance

TODO Kili trip

"It has engaged our people at every level, capturing their imaginations and is an investment in the community way beyond traditional cheque giving."

Gail Johnson, Head of Social Responsibility

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"The volunteering opportunities helped us to develop and motivate loyal employees who shared similar values. They engaged and empowered our employees to make a real difference."

Jillian Baillie, Manager, HBOS Foundation

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 "The programme took a group of individuals and turned them into a really strong team with a common goal of making a difference to communities in need."

Carol Key, Corporate Communications

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"A real programme with real impact - the fund raising efforts have energised the business and the contribution in the community has genuinely changed people's lives."

Benet Slay, Managing Director

TODO Kili trip

"Going was no less than life changing." 

Kati Holloway, Marketing Director

TODO Kili trip

"I was extremely impressed by the organization."

David Harvey, Marketing Director

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“Serco's 47,000 people are are its most precious asset. We are committed to providing a safe working environment for them, wherever they are. I strongly feel that communitychallenge share our concerns and commitment to the wellbeing of Serco people. I’m impressed at the meticulous planning and risk assessment carried out before the start of the programme and which has continued throughout.”  

Andy Lewis, Director Health, Safety and Environment

TODO Kili trip

"A profound programme that really engages business teams."

Stephen Howard, Managing Director

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"communitychallenge provides a terrific way for companies to respond to employees’ requests to give more than money in terms of their time, talent, expertise and energy in response to disasters around the world. Participating in communitychallenge can provide enormous personal and professional development opportunities for employees.  But equally importantly it can completely transform their perceptions of the countries, challenges and opportunities facing the communities they visit." 

Amanda Bowman, Programmes Director, IBLF

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"Individuals from across the globe became a highly motivated, focussed and inclusive work group. Months after returning, they still think, communicate and act as a team."

Richard Pollock, H.R. Director

TODO Kili trip

“The event went really well and all 24 CA staff completed the challenge.  The expedition leaders were excellent and took care of us brilliantly from the moment they picked us up at Glasgow airport until we left the hotel on Monday morning so please pass on our heartfelt thanks to them.”

Julie Arnold, Executive Assistant

TODO Kili trip

Had an excellent time, I would recommend this challenge to anyone without hesitation; trekking through beautiful scenery in a country very different from the UK, with all of the logistics taken care of and great guides too!  

Christopher Rowley, Great Wall Discovery

Christopher Rowley , Great Wall Discovery

TODO Kili trip

"An amazing life changing experience, provided by a world class organization!"

Julie Brockbank, Stok Kangri Summit Climb

Julie Brockbank,

TODO Kili trip

“This was a fantastic adventure. It pushed me to my limit both emotionally and physically, but I will look back and draw on the strenghths I gained from the experience for the rest of my life!”

Jane Kerindi, Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Jane Kerindi,

TODO Kili trip

“What an experience! We wnjoyed a varied and interesting itinerary and met many locals people, as well as raising funds for our charity.”

Deborah Guerin, Thailand Jungle Experience

Deborah Guerin,

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Gala Coral Group benefited enormously from the team trek to Everest Base Camp.  The trek provided a positive focal point for all our staff, and has created strong relationships across our business divisions.

Additionally, the trek, and Gala’s ‘World’s highest game of bingo’ generated very positive news coverage for the Group providing a fun and positive profile, whilst also reinforcing our charitable aims and our support of Sue Ryder Care.

I would have no hesitation in recommending a charity challenge to other companies who are looking for team building opportunities, and positive profiling of their company.

Dominic Harrison, CEO Gala Coral Group

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